I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.

 - Elsie DeWolfe


I am a Furniture Revivalist.

I seek out well crafted, but tired and dated furniture that time forgot, and bring the pieces back to life. 

My home studio is in beautiful and inspiring Victoria, BC, where my partner and our two kitties help with the heavy lifting. 

I have a true passion for turning vintage furniture into something unique and modern.

Eclectic style is the name of the game here at Furniture Revivalist HQ.

I like to mix bold patterns and fresh colours, to find the balance between classic and modern, while honouring the piece's history, shape, and original beauty.

A lot of love, and a bit of paint transform each piece into something I hope you will just fall in love with.

- Laura Caceres, Furniture Revivalist