Materials, Care, and Return Policy


I strive to use green products wherever possible in my work.

Pieces are painted with Fusion Mineral Paint, a high-quality, eco-friendly, 100% acrylic resin furniture paint.

It is non-toxic, lead free, has no volatile organic compounds (VOC), and contains no ammonia or formaldehyde. 

This paint contains a built in top coat, which once cured, leaves the piece with a durable and beautiful matte finish.


With proper care, a painted finish can be incredibly durable. Moisture and paint do not mix, so try to wipe up spills quickly, and always use a coaster with your drinks.

I use Fusion Mineral Paint exclusively because it has an incredibly strong topcoat built into the paint. I finish most pieces with a beeswax polish, it makes for a buttery smooth finish, and adds an additional layer of protection.

Your piece will be washable with mild soap and water, using a damp cloth. We don’t recommend using harsh cleaning products, and avoid using vinegar on waxed surfaces.


All pieces are second hand and come with years of history. I always select solid pieces in good repair, that will be practical as well as beautiful. While each piece has been cleaned and refinished, it is important to remember that they are vintage or antique, and they each have their own quirks and character.

Vintage drawers are on wooden sliders, and we recommend waxing the sliders with a furniture wax, or beeswax every 1 - 2 years, or as needed. Wax prevents the wood from wear, and allows the drawers to slide smoothly. Furniture Revivalist pieces with drawers have been freshly waxed.

Return Policy

Pieces are sold as is, and are final sale, but if there is an issue with the finish after you have purchased, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pieces are hand painted or stained and will have unique artistic characteristics which may include slight variations in colour, small blemishes or brush strokes.